Some sites use irrelevant ads and annoying popups to make money. We hate those things as much as you do, but we also need to pay the bills.

Instead, uses affiliate links on some pages to help pay for server expenses and the cost of creating new content.

What Are Affiliate Links, Anyway?

An affiliate link is a link to a product or service on another website that may pay a commission if you make a purchase.

For example, if you read a review of a defensive driving course that can reduce auto insurance costs and click through an affiliate link in the review, may earn a small commission on the purchase you make. However, not all links on the website are affiliate links. Many aren’t. is not the seller if you make a purchase. Instead, simply provides a direct link, often accompanied by some additional information, a review or comparison, or first impressions of a product.

Okay, Do Affiliate Links Increase My Cost?

Not at all. Affiliate links do not change the price of products or services, and there’s no cost to you. You’ll see the same price if you go directly to the merchant website without using an affiliate link. There’s one possible exception, though: coupon codes.

In some cases, merchants provide with exclusive coupon codes that can reduce your purchase price. Yay.

The process to redeem coupon codes is usually to add the code at checkout.

Amazon Affiliate Links

As an Amazon Associate, Project eBike earns a commission from qualifying purchases.

Project eBike uses Amazon affiliate links as well as links to other merchants throughout the site as a way to keep your experience ad-free.

Product Reviews and Roundups

When it comes to insurance and personal finance, you know how challenging it can be to find all the information you need. Often, it’s difficult to cut through all the marketing jargon to find simple information, such as the real-world pros and cons of a product. Without enough information, it’s easy to purchase a product or service that’s not a perfect fit for your needs. provides easy-to-read reviews and in-depth information backed up by real-world experience and research.

You won’t find any sponsored posts, and in cases where receives a demo product to evaluate, you can always expect unbiased reviews.


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